The John Clarke Trust

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Upon his death in 1676, John Clarke left no descendants, and his will instructed that a trust be created "for the relief of the poor and the bringing up of children unto learning from time to time forever."  The John Clarke Trust, which is administered by Bank of America, is the oldest charitable trust in the United States.  Every year, the John Clarke Trust donates thousands of dollars to social service and educational institutions throughout southeastern New England.


For more information about the John Clarke Trust, please contact one of its trustees:


 William W. Corcoran, Esq.

Corcoran, Peckham, Hayes & Galvin PC

Attorneys and Counselors at Law

31 America’s Cup Avenue

Newport, Rhode Island 02840

Barbara N. Watterson

81 Howland Road

P.O. Box 3098

Westport, Massachusetts 02790


Emma Greene, Administrator

The John Clarke Trust (2994807)

c/o Bank of America

Charitable Management Services

P.O. Box 55477

Boston, MA  02205-5477